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Frequently Asked Questions

How do ClimAir wind deflectors help?

  • ClimAir wind deflectors allow you to leave your car window open when parked, keeping the interior of your car cool
  • Improves fresh air circulation in your car
  • Reduces the noise that occurs when you drive with your windows down
  • Prevents the wind from blowing directly onto your face
  • Helps cut down side glare from the sun

Do they fit all cars?

ClimAir wind deflectors fit most cars. Please contact Tasmin at tasmin@carplusme.co.za for more information.

Do they work with electric windows? 

Yes, ClimAir wind deflectors are designed to fit and work with electric windows.

Do I have to fit clips, screws or glue?

No, only a very small number of deflectors requires one small clip. All the others have no clips, screws or tape, they just spring in. Unlike other deflectors, ClimAir wind deflectors do not stick on the outside and will not damage your car.

Does the bottom edge of the deflector rest on top of the window rubber seal or go into the slot?

The bottom edge rests on top of the window seal. It is important that the edge rests on the hard part of the rubber, not the soft internal part.

Do I have to lubricate the thin milled edge of the deflector before I fit them into the window channel?

Yes, this will help the fitting. Try a silicone polish or spray, or even washing up fluid. Do not use oil, grease, or a maintenance spray. These will only hold grit and dirt.

Are ClimAir deflectors guaranteed?

Yes, all ClimAir deflectors come with a two-year guarantee.

Do window deflectors reduce side glare?

Yes, all ClimAir deflectors are tinted - so they don't only reduce wind and rain, but also side glare.

Does the thin milled edge of the deflector go between the window rubber and the metal edge of the door frame?

No, it fits into the same channel used by the window glass.

Do I have to clean the top area of the window glass before I fit the deflector?

Yes, again this will help the fit. Standard window cleaner is fine.

What colour are they?

ClimAir wind deflectors are available in light smoke grey to match your cars tinted windows. They will also blend in with a clear window.

Need more information?

Please contact the team at info@carplusme.co.za for more information.

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