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5 Gold Rating Starts

Good Service - 5/5

Date submitted:  27 March 2016

I have been informed by Natalie, of CarPlusMe, that the Thule Canyon Carrier Basket that I ordered is now in stock and ready for fitting. Fast and efficient service. - Review by J. Weaver

5 Gold Rating Starts

Thule Roof Racks - 5/5

Date submitted: 10 March 2016

Emailed Carplusme for a quote and Natalie replied promptly with a quote beating others.
She also followed up by phoning me and got fitment ready to fit. Good work-Lady. - Review by J. de Witt

5 Gold Rating Starts

Exceptional Service - 5/5

Date submitted:  4 February 2016

I originally enquired about a new set of Thule roof racks. It soon transpired however after some investigation on my part that all I needed was to upgrade the kit on my existing roof racks. Natalie's service was superb. She responded to my emails on the same day I sent them and displayed a thorough knowledge of the product. I have lived in London for the past 4 years, and living in a first world country, this is the type of service you become accustomed to. It's a breath of fresh air to find a South African business delivering customer service that competes at a global level. They have even gone the extra mile for me and offered to fit the racks. I have saved both money and time. Thank you for showing me that you value my business. I highly recommend this company. Thanks. - Review by Mr J Gould

5 Gold Rating Starts

Prompt Response - 5/5

Date submitted:  10 December 2015

I am on the lookout for roof racks for my Honda CR-V. I emailed CarPlusMe based on a Gumtree ad, and was impressed with the fast response from Natalie, and comprehensive information she has been able to provide so far. 

If I end up buying new, I am more than likely to buy from her. - Review by Andrew Lewis

5 Gold Rating Starts

Going the extra mile - 5/5

Date submitted: 20 October 2015

I would just like to thank Tasmin for her great service. I was looking for straps for my Saris rack. I found their website and mailed thinking that no one was going to get back to me, but she responded, said that they only stock Thule, but she could see what she could do. So a week went by and I thought that nothing was going to happen and then received a mail that she has managed to find straps for me and that i can come and collect. Service like this is far and few between and should be acknowledged.

So Tasmin at CARPLUSME. Thank you for the great service and the courteous manner you have dealt with everything. - Review by Ryan

5 Gold Rating Starts

ClimAir Wind Deflectors - 5/5

Date submitted: 21 September 2015

Dear Andrew, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and ease of installation of the wind deflectors on my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! - Review by Ricky Caissutti - Autoworx

5 Gold Rating Starts

Kamei Roof Box - 5/5

Date submitted:  1 March 2015

After traveling quite a bit with the family, I decided to upgrade and buy a Kamei Roof Box from Car+Me. The staff were very friendly. The day before we left on holiday, I took my car to the branch in Salt River where the roof box was fitted. It took a couple of minutes to install, and we on our way within half an hour. Andrew even followed up with me the week after to check if we were happy with our purchase. The whole family enjoyed the extra space it added to our car. I even took my golf clubs along.  Would highly recommend Car+Me. - Review by Jana Kotze

5 Gold Rating Starts

Sunblinds by Sonniboy - 5/5

Date submitted: 26 February 2015

I recently bought Sonniboy sun blinds for my car from Car+Me. I spent quite a bit of time online researching the different options, and decided to buy these specific sun blinds as they don't fade like normal window socks. They also have a 3 year guarantee - and Car+Me offered free delivery. Now I don't have to worry about the sun shining into my son's eyes when I drive around. I was very happy with the quick and efficient service from the team at Car+Me. - Review by Jess Odendaal

5 Gold Rating Starts

Bootmat by Carbox™ - 5/5

Date submitted: 18 January 2015

I recently found the perfect solution to keep my car boot clean and tidy! Bought a boot mat from Car+Me after searching for options on the internet. I completed the "Get me Quote" form on the website and got a call within 2 hours from Andrew. He arranged everything. It's really easy to install and clean, especially after my muddy dogs have been in the car. We also received a 10 year warranty. Would highly recommend to people who lead an active lifestyle. - Review by Alex van Brakel

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